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Featured Products : Corn snakes, clown ball pythons, limberg snow rosy boas and western hognOSE.

About me: hello. My name is diane and i am a retired hospice r.n. Now i breed beautiful snakes full time. to me quality genetics and healthy animals that are used to being handled matters! I have taken great care in selecting the best animals to breed. First and foremost though they are my pets! I offer their offspring to your good home!

Experienced Breeder


I breed  multi  gene  corn  snakes  including but not limited to: Candycane  and  Ultramel Candycane in  regular and  Tessera, Lava  and  Lavamel, Cinders  in  Motley, Stripe and  Tessera,  Salmon  Snow Motley,  Scaleless, Lavender  combos  and so  much  more!  Each hatchling is personally  handled  straight from  the egg  and  regularly there  after.  

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

My  breeding animals are  first  and foremost my  pets.  I love  them!  They  have each  been carefully selected as babies  from  well  established breeders  and raised to  adulthood by  me  so I  know the  health  and  temperament of  each  and  every one. I  take  pride  in my  babies!  ONLY  healthy snakes  that  have  no  difficulty feeding will  be  offered  here!

A Forever Friend


A  Corn snake  is  a  wonderful beginner  snake  for adult  and  child  alike. They  are  amazing with  personality that  varies individually. With  good  care  they  can  live  many, many  years  and  become  part  of  the  family.  

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Columbus , OH 43228US

(614) 424-9161

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